Local Sites and Tours

JapanGardenpoolThe conference offers tours and ways to see the local sites.

  • Visit University Library (8am-9pm), Japanese Garden (8am-3:30pm F, 12-4p Su), Art Museum (T-Su 12-5pm $4), Bookstore (8:30-4 or 5pm weekdays), sculptures, other local_sites
  • Passport Bus goes from CSULB to downtown Long Beach and major sites for $2.50 round trip
  • AquaLink water taxis service links 4 popular sites around Long Beach Harbor for $5, and 5 ports of call each for $1
  • Local restaurants and bars

Make it a vacation along with the conference! See these tips – and the “getting around” page:

Conference Trip Category (some require SIGN-UP) (Note that neither IASL nor CSULB are liable for any incidents)
Timetable Frequency Prices

(per trip/tour)


(City-tour, museum visit etc.)

Half day During/after the conference
1. Museum tour (LB Art Museum, Museum of Latin American Art. Pacific Islander)
Thur.-Sun self-paced
(Fri. 11am-4pm) group)
$7 entrance (LB free Fri.)
$ 10 entrance (LA free Su)
2. Aquarium of the Pacific
$30 ($35 with battleship entrance)
$9 after noon with badge
3. Queen Mary
$25 entrance;  $45 if combined with Aquarium for full day
$15 with badge
4. El Rancho Alamitos
Fri.-Sun. 1-5pm (self-paced)
5. School libraries tour (SIGN UP) https://goo.gl/forms/bLPOsnvJ6ibvmAPo1 Tues. 8:30am-12 free
6. Public Libraries tour (SIGN UP) https://goo.gl/forms/Lizq6zsLbNpL6oNl1  Tues. 1-5pm  free

(City-tour, museum visit etc.)

Full day (excluding lunch) During/after the conference
1. Catalina Island 7 X/day self-paced (9am) $75 from Long Beach harbor
2. Huntington Library and Garden Tour (click here for details and payment) need 25+ sign-ups Friday group tour starting 8am $92 from dorm
 Personalized tour: contact tuckwish@comcast.net